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Which Fabric Panel Is Right For Me?

The small things are what separate the prints that your customers are happy with from those that they are amazed by. They are the details that make the difference between wowing someone and simply meeting their expectations. There are plenty of shops that make a living by keeping everyone just happy enough, but what if there was an easier way to deliver that wow factor with your prints with a minimal investment?

It’s been our mission at shur-loc® to deliver products that allow you to wow your customers on a daily basis. From our stretchers to our frames, everything we do comes back to one basic product, the mesh panel. Each and every shur-loc® panel has been designed and manufactured to exacting standards that ensure the fabric will perform perfectly and deliver the best prints possible for you and your clients. Of course, mesh is not a one size fits all product, and neither should the fabric panels that are created from them. Below, you will find a guide that will help you take your prints to the next level by finding the correct panel for your needs. From our original shur-loc® Fabric Panels to our latest Endurance Series Panels, we have the right solution to increase the productivity and profitability in your shop.

Every shur-loc® Fabric System Panel includes: Precision Cut Shapes, Color Coded Mesh Identification System, Built-in Corner Softening and Deflection Curves, DTS Compatible Corners, Wide Variety of Mesh Counts and every panel loads easily with virtually no training needed.

The Original shur-loc® Fabric Panel
The original shur-loc® Fabric Panel has been on the market for over 30 years. Though the panel’s basic design is still very much the same, leaps in the technology used to make them has created even more precise shapes and consistencies that have never before been possible. The shur-loc® Panel is available in virtually any mesh count from 17 tpi to 460 tpi and can be made from the heaviest HD threads or the thinnest “ss” threads. The shur-loc® Fabric Panel is the most customizable and versatile fabric panel available anywhere.

The Benefits of the original shur-loc® Fabric Panel include: Fastest Install Time, More Available Frame Sizes and Styles, Completely Customizable* and fully removable and reusable.

  * – One time design fee may apply to customized shapes.

The shur-loc® Endurance Fabric Panel
While the industry defining shur-loc® Fabric Panel is an optimal choice for shops that require and painless way to stretch frames, other shops may require a solution that provides a bit more durability. This is where our next-generation fabric panel, the Endurance Panel, redefines mesh durability. With our new Endurance connection system, we’ve replaced the most fragile areas of the mesh with a reinforced connection system that will hold up to just about any abuse that your shop can dish out.

The benefits of the Endurance Fabric Panel don’t end with a simple edge protection, we have also increased the chemical resistance of the connector system, the durability of the print area and engineered the shape of the panel to deliver the most consistent level of tensions across the entire print area. The Endurance Fabric Panel is the culmination of over 30 years of fabric panel technology and printers around the world are reaping the benefits of its new technologies.

The Benefits of the Endurance Fabric Panel: Extreme 360° Edge Protection, Chemically Resistant For Increased Longevity, Embedded Tracking And Color Code Information, No Protective Tapes Required, Built-In Corner Softening, More Stable Print Area and Lower Shipping And Storage Costs.

Volume Priced Fabric Panels
When purchasing mesh by the yard, costs can rise very quickly. Fortunately, we are able to leverage our mesh buying power with our distributors and negotiate some pretty substantial savings on our most popular mesh counts. This is how we are able to offer such an amazing value in our Volume Priced Panels. We do not cut corners on quality, we simply buy more mesh to get a better value. The more we buy, the more you save. Check out the Volume Priced Fabric Panel selection and let us know what frame sizes, styles you’d like to see offered up next by emailing

Which shur-loc® Fabric Panel is right for you?

By answering a few simple questions, you can easily determine which shur-loc® panel is right for your needs and which one will deliver the performance and productivity increases that will make your shop more profitable.

Endurance Fabric Panels: If you are looking for a panel that will fit your common auto or manual size frames that will also be more durable, longer lasting and reclaim more times than anything else on the market today, the Endurance Series is right for you. The Endurance Series is also perfect for those just looking to massively cut their tape/mesh protection budget as well.

Original shur-loc® Fabric Panels: If you have custom sizes or need the fastest way to mesh screens, the original shur-loc® Fabric Panel is the perfect choice for you. With a plethora of sizes and a stock catalog of 1000s of frames sizes/styles/mesh counts, we have a panel for practically every retensionable frame on the planet.

Volume Price Fabric Panels: Whether you decide on the durability and performance of the Endurance Series or the speed and ease of the original shur-loc® Panels, our Volume Pricing can help keep costs lower without sacrificing the quality of the panel. Available in common manual and auto sizes, Volume Priced Panels are the most economical way to upgrade your shops production and performance.

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