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The shur-loc® Story

We are a company who has been designing and introducing new and innovative products for the screenprinting industry since 1988, including the original and patented Shur-Loc® mesh panel, Accelerator Tensioning systems and E-Z Frame system consisting of a frame, a tensioning device and mesh panel. Demand the best, demand the original.

The shur-loc® Fabric System company, dba JSMD Key Products LLC, is a family owned and operated business, thus, the name, which stands for Jim, Sheri, Michael and David.The products Jim has invented are some of the keys to helping screenprinters prepare and stretch their screens easier and faster than ever before with accuracy and consistency with minimal training.

Jim majored in commercial art in college. In 1981, Jim and Sheri started Sandcarved Designs when Jim pursued a new form of art on a wood medium, which later led to screen printing the designs. The AloomaLite retensionable frames (1988) was his next project and first patent.

The company name was changed in 1991 when Jim was awarded his 3rd patent, which was for the shur-loc® Fabric System panel and screenprinting frames. The name was changed again in early 1998 to JSMD Key Products to encompass a business name separate from our product line. In late 1998 the turntable was re-designed and again in 2000 and 2003 with various improvements each time. Although either the panels or the table can be used independently of each other, they were designed to work together to obtain the optimal performance of both. Additional patents were later awarded for the Accelerator tensioning system for its improved designs including for its numbering system and physical stop features insuring the roller tubes would be turned evenly maintaining the balance implemented in the shape of the panels.

In 2004, Jim came up with the concept of using an adjustable wrench for turning the tubes, which eliminated the need for multiple "wrenches" for the various diameters of frames. It became a "one size fits all" type of wrench, savings customers hundreds of dollars.

In 2005, Jim made another discovery. For most textile size frames, the present accelerator model was more of a heavy duty system than it needed it to be, so he came up with a less expensive method of having the parts manufactured. We have passed that savings on to the customer with this more economical tensioning system. This newest version added to the product line-up is called the Accelerator 2 and is also available in a variety of Kits with an optional turntable to complete the system. Same concept, less money.

In 2006, the armor plating "Tandem System" was introduced and patented as an option to add to your roller frame. A semi-permanent addition to your frame provided the means for a smaller panel and eliminated the fragile mesh wrapping around the frame tubes. The "Extender" was introduced in early 2007 and attached to the square bar tube of roller frames "extending" the connection of the panel away from the frames square tube and eliminating the fragile mesh from breakage in rear clamping presses.

In the early summer of 2007, Jim decided to make another screenprinting frame. With numerous potential customers at each trade show indicating they only had and used static frames and complaining about not enough tension, the E-Z Frame system was designed, developed and introduced at the ISS Show in Long Beach in January of 2008 with the patent being awarded in the fall of 2010. Even though the patent had also included the E-Z angle conversion kit designed for customers to attach to their existing static frames, it was not introduced to the industry until later. The system consists of a square tube frame with 4 tension bars, standard or economical stretching device and Shur-Loc's® patented mesh panel specifically designed for the new frame. The shape of the mesh panel is designed to represent the recommended tension suggested by the mesh manufacturers. Due to the design of small corner "pockets", smaller piece of mesh and no slippage whatsoever, the tension is much more stable for a longer time period.

Another popular Shur-Loc® product is the Shur-Chek 130 Tension Meter, which is also made in the U.S.A. It is a bi-directional meter, with heavy duty construction, extremely accurate yet economically priced that was three years in the making but worth the wait.

Yet another popular product is the Shur-Loc® anti-fatigue extreme standing mats. Available in four popular sizes, 14" x 21", 2' x 3', 3' x 5' and 3' x 7'. We welcome you to visit our web site at to see all of our products, additional information, instructional videos and to keep apprised current and new products. Stop by and see us at a trade show to watch a demo or stretch a panel yourself to see how E-Z it really is to use.

Jim (President), wife Sheri (Secretary/Treasurer) and youngest son, David, (Vice President) make up three of the four officers for JSMD and work full time (in addition to their other employees) at their site in Monroe, Washington, which is approximately 35 miles northeast of Seattle.

If you are a first time inquirer, we thank you for your interest in our shur-loc® Fabric System and encourage you to call or email us with any questions you may have and/or to request a free sample. If you are a current customer, we greatly appreciate your business. Either way, we value your comments and suggestions in helping us serve you better and hope you will call us at (360) 805-4140 or email us at