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We're cleaning up to give you a better experience!

At shur-loc® Fabric System, we know that your time is money. The more time you spend online either looking for or shopping for solutions to your shop’s problems means less money in your pocket at the end of the day. That’s why we are in the middle of upgrading our entire online experience. From looking up the proper tension level of the fabrics on your frames to finding a solution to save you hours of labor ever day, we’re streamlining our site and making it faster than ever before to find what you need quickly. 

Here is an ongoing list of improvements :

  –  Flat rate shipping on many orders: No more calling in to get rates on a simple fabric panel order.

  –  PayPal Payment: Safe and secure processing done off site for less data issues.

  –  Quick Cart View: Is now available in the left menu list.

  –  Faster Menus: Get what you need faster with easier menus.

  –  User Accounts: Yes, they are back and your order history will be safely stored for next time.

  –  Recently Viewed Items: Check the bottom of the side of the page to see what product you’ve viewed.

  –  More Help: Our new Support section will feature faster access to more information that you need.


While it will take some time to fully integrate every size, shape and color of mesh that we have available for you, we hope to have virtually every one of our products online. In the meantime, please excuse the mess as we bring the new site online and let us know via email if you find something that isn’t quite right. We hope you enjoy the improvements and we look forward to making your online experience as perfect as possible.

Thank  You,

The shur-loc® Team!

PS – Are there features you’d like to see? Email with your requests and we will see what we can do!