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Roller Frames

For over 30 years, the shur-loc® Fabric Panel has been the quickest, easiest and most accurate way to stretch a roller frame. Endorsed by mesh manufacturers, frame makers and countless users around the world, the shur-loc® Panel has proven itself time and time again as a way that optimize a shop’s productivity and profits. For less than the price of a static frame, you can easily stretch your own roller frames in house without any training and without any waste. The shur-loc® Panel takes the guess work out of your roller frames, allowing you to concentrate on making higher quality prints and bigger profits.

Need Help Finding Which Frame You Have?
— The socket you use to tighten the bolts is the fastest way to determine the style of frame you have. A 5/8″ socket is used on the MZX style and a 3/4″ socket is used on the M3 style.