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23×31 E-Z Endurance 125 Series Frame

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Save money by eliminating expensive and messy tapes.
Cutting edge mesh protection built into every Endurance fabric panel!
Retention up to 4 times for longer lasting tension mesh by adding an additional tension rod to each side quickly and easily.


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The shur-loc® “E-Z” Endurance Frame is the most advanced frame system that we have ever created. Utilizing our patented Endurance Technology, the “E-Z” Endurance frame is setting a new standard of durability in a screen printing frame. When the Endurance frame is matched with the revolutionary Endurance Panel, printers will experience a new level of perfection in their screens. From optimal mesh tension to the protective barrier that surrounds the edges of the fabric panel, there has never been a more profitable way to print.

The Endurance Tension Bar features an all new mesh attachment system that offers printers the ability to retension their mesh, extending the life of the fabric and allowing the screen to maintain an optimal tension longer than ever before. The patented Endurance Edge Protection is resistant to most chemicals and virtually eliminates edge breakage. It also provides a 360 degree permanent block-out around the perimeter of the fabric.

The new Endurance Tension Rods are more resistant to chemicals than any other shur-loc® connector before them. Retensioning your fabric panels is also possible with the Endurance system. If tensions drop below the recommended levels, simply insert an additional rod outside of the pocket to increase tension. This can be done on all four sides, giving you multiple tension level increases when you need them or when you just want to dial in your fabric to that perfect tension on your press.

The cost 23×31 shur-loc® “E-Z” 125 Series Endurance Frame is almost 40% less than a comparable retensionable frame and is nearly 25% lighter in weight. The flat tube construction allows the 125 series frame to be clamped in securely to any press without the use of adapters.

Experience how the 125 series Endurance Frame can make your business more profitable than ever before by eradicating the need of high priced tapes, while delivering longer lasting, optimal tension mesh on every frame you stretch.


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