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E-Z S-Series Replacement Stretcher Strips (3 part)

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The S-Series Strips work with S-500, S-1000XL and S-1000PCB stretching units.
Replace one strip at a time.
Solid in a 3 pack.



The new Endurance Style E-Z S-Series Replacement Stretcher Strip is more durable and flexible than any of our previous generations of replacement strips. The new 3 part design works well with frames of all sizes. Use just two of the 9″ segments to stretch smaller size bars and use all 3 pieces when stretching oversized frames. Slide them out to the ends of the tension bars for best results.

Replacing your S-Series Stretcher Strip does not require any disassembly of the stretcher unit. To remove the damaged strip, rotate the handle downward until the extrusion aligns with the slot on the bottom of the stretcher arm. Slide the damaged strip out of the channel and replace with a new one. The 3 part strips may be replaced individually when damage occurs. You do not need to replace all three strips at one time.

– Remember to always make sure the strip is fully seated in the tension bar before applying any pressure.
– Do not release the stretcher handle until you have checked to make sure the bar has engaged.
– Sold in a pack of three 9″ pieces.

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions35 × 5 × 1 in
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2 Part – 31.5"+9.5", 4 Part – 4 x 9.5", 3 Part – 3 x 13.5"


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