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E-Z E-250 Elite Stretcher (25×36 125 Series Frames)

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Slide-Loc guides position tension bars perfectly every time.

Shur-Glide Table rotates the work to you with ease.

Works with 25×36 EZ 1.5 Series frames only.



The E-Z Elite Stretcher is designed to make your screen stretching easier than ever before. With Slide-Loc technology, you are virtually guaranteed to have your tension bars pulled into perfect position every time. The non-binding side supports allow the Elite stretcher handle to easily pull the tension bars on to the frame with ease. The biggest breakthrough of the Elite system is the Shur-Glide table top mounting system, which brings the work to you, frame after frame, without needing to reach across the table or rotating the frame.

Replacement stretcher strips for the EZ Elite Stretchers are available here.

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Weight30 lbs
Dimensions40 × 30 × 5 in


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