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Our latest innovation is more than just a game changer, it’s a new industry standard. By combining the 30 years of panel making experience with breakthrough technologies, the Endurance Panel offers printers the biggest leap forward in printing since the invention of the Roller Frame. The 360° protective barrier eliminates the need for expensive and messy frame tapes and the new Inkwell Adapter takes the place of split tapes on the inside of the frame as well. The protective barrier also acts as a rip-stop style solution for when disaster does strike on press and keeps the mesh as a usable tension to finish the job.

These are the original shur-loc® Fabric Panels that have been the industry standard for 30 years. Our Premium Panels are available in mesh counts ranging from 24 to 460 and can be custom fit to just about any frame on the planet. We use only the highest quality mesh in our fabric panels from manufacturers like Murakami, NBC Meshtec, Saati and Sefar. These are the perfect panels for those looking to dial in their printing processes and deliver the best results possible.