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25×36 M3 Endurance Panel – Murakami

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Saves time and money when compared to traditional re-meshing.

Premium fabric panels use only the highest quality, low elongation mesh.


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The shur-loc® Endurance Fabric Panel was invented with one purpose in mind – to create a new standard in mesh longevity for screen printers. The patented Endurance technology will help screen printers by establishing a more consistent print area inside of the protective barrier that surrounds the mesh panel. This protective edging takes the place of messy tapes and bulky fabric protectors to provide the ultimate in edge breakage prevention.

– Fully retensionable

– Chemical resistant

– No protective tape needed


Smartmesh from Murakami is one of the best production tools you can use in screen printing. It is essential to consistent printing and non stop production.  After all, the last thing that makes your screen print product is the mesh that prints it. The better the mesh the better the print, and the quality of product a screen printer produces.


Excellent registration Quality – Precision woven with proprietary threads and manufacturing methods to assure you of the highest quality prints possible.

Balanced warp and weft stress/strain curves helps create a mesh that withstands multiple forces that occur during the print process.

Smartmesh is a low elongation mesh – it also resists accumulated elongation as the print progresses and the forces of the squeegee warms up the mesh.

Woven with precise square openings which helps control moire.

Mesh above 280 threads per inch is surface treated to improve ink flow and emulsion adhesion of fine details.

High retained tension properties helps Smartmesh avoid losing excessive amounts of tension common on inferior mesh.

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60/120 White $27.36, 86/100 White $28.62, 86/100 Yellow $28.62, 110/80 White $26.79, 110/80 Yellow $26.79, 125/71 White $27.44, 125/71 Yellow $27.44, 135/64 White $28.33, 135/64 Yellow $28.33, 160/64 White $29.30, 160/64 Yellow $29.30, 180/54 White $30.00, 180/54 Yellow $30.00, 200/54 Yellow $32.05, 225/48 Yellow $38.09, 250/40 Yellow $38.67, 280/34 Yellow $38.80, 300/34 Yellow $42.86, 330/34 Yellow $51.27, 350/34 Yellow $54.76, 380/34 Yellow $64.85, – Thin Thread –, 80/71 (s) White $28.62, 110/71 (s) White $26.79, 110/71 (s) Yellow $26.79, 120/48 (s) White $27.44, 135/48 (s) White $28.33, 150/48 (s) White $29.30, 150/48 (s) Yellow $29.30, 180/48 (s) Yellow $30.00, 200/48 (s) Yellow $38.09, 225/40 (s) Yellow $38.09, 310/30 (s) Yellow $42.86, 350/30 (s) Yellow $54.76


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