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Murakami Smartmesh by the yard (not panels)

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We only use the highest quality, low-elongation mesh for our fabric panels. Murakami Smartmesh is one of the most accurate and consistent meshes on the market today.

Mesh price is per yard from a 53″ bolt of mesh. (62″ available upon request.)
Mesh is the most important tool for your print.
Achieve precise registration with low elongation mesh that holds registration for the life of the run.
Smartmesh retains tension well unlike many other mesh products available.
Longer screen life at quality printing tensions.
Print more jobs at good working tensions on static stretch and glue frames.

Click here for Smartmesh Mesh Guide, (large printable version)

– Covers specifications for mesh counts from 15T to 460S.
– Find out recommended tensions by mesh
– Percentage of open area
– Ink volume
– Size of mesh openings
– Mesh Thickness
– Bolt width availability to help choose your mesh needs.

Additional information

Mesh Count

110/80 White, 110/80 Yellow, 125/71 White, 125/71 Yellow, 135/64 White, 135/64 Yellow, 160/64 White, 160/64 Yellow, 180/54 Yellow, 200/54 Yellow, 225/48 Yellow


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