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Newman® Roller Frame – 25X31 M3™

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25X31 M3 frames are measured from the OD of the frame.



Stretch Devices, the manufacturer of the Newman® Roller Frame, has been providing the screen-printing industry with frames for over 30 years. From the original M1™ to the newest M3-UL™ frames, the Newman Roller Frame is the most adjustable frame system on the market. This 23X31 OD frame requires a 3/4″ socket to tighten the end bolts and has 4 round tubes to make up the frame. The M3™ style frames showcase a larger diameter tube, larger corner and bolt, and will also handle higher tension levels than the MZX™ profile.

*This is a great over-sized width for Tef-Loc panels being used with heated rollers and irons for fiber matting and ink compression. Make sure your press can accommodate the wider width!

This item may be drop-shipped from the supplier and may require additional processing and shipping times.


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