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From Newman® Roller Frames to the most advanced shur-loc® Endurance Style “E-Z” 125 Series Frames, every screen printer needs to have the right tools for the job. If you are new to frames, read on to help find the perfect system for your needs. If you know exactly what you are looking for, scroll down to choose the system you need or select it from the “frames” sub-menu above.
E-Z Fame System

The quest for perfect prints beings with finding the right frame for your needs. The shur-loc® E-Z Frame was designed to offer the best aspects of the two most used frame designs on the market. Like a static frame, the “E-Z” frame features a flat tube design that is easy to clamp and store. Like a roller frame, the “E-Z” Frame delivers optimal tension on the mesh that eliminates many on press issues like poor registration, excessive off-contact, poor screen clearing and more. When you are ready to experience how easy great prints can be, simply order a shur-loc® “E-Z” Frame Kit and see for yourself.

Find your frame.

Solid-Loc Frames were manufactured under an exclusive partnership between shur-loc® and Ryonet. These frames were available in two custom sizes. As of July 2019, Ryonet has made the decision to cease manufacturing of these frames, but we are here to help protect your investment. Both the 21×24 and 23×32 size frames and fabric panels will continue to be available at

(Please note, these are a custom size product and may take additional time to produce.)

Newman Roller Frames are the industry standard in retensionable frames. For over 30 years, the Newman Roller Frame has been demonstrating how optimal tension can improve print quality and increase profitability. When paired with a stretching device like the shur-loc® Accelerator and shur–loc® Fabric Panels, the Newman Roller Frame is an exceptional tool for any shop that demands complete control over their frames.