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Endurance Bars For 23×31 shur-loc® E-Z Frames

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Retrofit your 23×31 EZ Frames in seconds
Includes Endurance Bars and Rods
Works with Tape-less Inkwell System



Looking to upgrade from our standard shur-loc® Fabric Panels to our new Endurance Series Panels? This is the only part you will need. Simply swap the bars on your existing E-Z Frames to the new Endurance Bars and you can experience the tape-less Endurance Panel. Each set of 4 bars and 4 rods easily attaches to the same frame base that you have been using in your shop. Simply remove the bars and use the new Endurance Bars with an Endurance Panel.

Endurance Bars are only sold in sets of 4 (2 long, 2 short) and rods are included in the purchase price. Additional rods can be found here.  Additional rods can be used to retension fabric panels or replace lost rods, but are not needed as an additional item since they are included with the bars.


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