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Reten Frame – 23×31 A Series

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Square tube construction for easy clamping.

Micro-adjustable tension for complete control.



The Reten Frame (formerly the HIX Reten Frame) has been a part of the shur-loc® product line since 2014. The Reten Frame features many of the characteristics of our “E-Z” Frame: square tube construction, chemically resistant locking strips and high quality, US extruded, aluminum parts. The Reten Frame also included one of the first micro-adjustable stretching systems that gave users an unparalleled amount of control over their frame’s tension. While there may be faster and easier ways to stretch screen frames today, the Reten Frame continues to have a strong following because of its outstanding feature set.

The “A” Series Reten Frame is a heavier weight design that allows larger frames to hold higher tensions with less chance of tube deflection and thread warpage. This ensures a better transfer of ink to garments and few production issues on press.

–  Open tube design allows cleaning solutions and water to drain quickly.

–  Micro-adjustable tensioning system gives users absolute control over their screens.

–  Square tube design allows for easy clamping and taping.

–  Dual locking strip design minimizes mesh slippage and tension loss.


Frame size is approximate as the size will expand based on the desired tension and tolerances of the mesh being stretched.


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